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Our organization started in the year of 1998. With more business morality and dedication, this small organization started crawling in the segment of natural stone In response to the growing market demand of Granite and all other Natural stones products, our mission is to serve domestic and International market with uncompromised finish quality natural stones products such as. Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Sand Stone, Lime Stone, Travertine, Onyx, Slate, Basalt, Lava Stone, Pebbles, Cubes Along with some exclusive products like. Natural Marble Vanities, Basin Pedestal, Art Basin, Table Top, Bath Tub.

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M/s Loyal Trading Company is a fast growing Exporting enterprise, having its registered office situated at # 161,Thambu Chetty Street, Mannady, Chennai-600 001, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

The Managing partner of the enterprise, Mr. P Muralitharan, aged 46 Years, is a qualified and experienced person in the business field. He has got a vast experience of 25 years in the field of Export and other realms of business environment.

Mr. P Muralitharan started an exporting company in the year 1991 in the name of Laurel Exports with partnership of dignified personalities in Chennai. The company started its venture in the field of Exporting to various countries, concentrating primarily to the nearby country, Srilanka. The products in its export list include Textiles, Machinery and Granites. Gradually the enterprise earned confidence in Trading through its transparent and loyal dealing with its prestigious clientele.

From the experience and knowledge earned from enterprising business along with partnership, Mr. P Muralitharan took a bold decision in floating a new venture, along with his wife, Mrs. Akila, in the year 1998, in the name of Loyal Trading Company, situated at its present location. Presently the company achieved a gross turnover of Rs.25crores.

Over a period of 20 years, the company grown up into its present level through sincere and hard work contributed by Mrs. & Mr. P.Muralitharan. The business activities include mainly Trading, locally& internationally. The list of products in the export list includes Granites & Natural Stone Products, Agro Produce & Products, and Textiles.

At present, the company has acquired reputation in the International market regarding its Quality in Supply and business related activities. The Company, at present, exporting to various countries such as Srilanka, China & Singapore. Where in Srilanka Company has its own office.

Mission Statement

From the experience acquired during past and having taken into account the possibility of growth and expansion, now, the company is planning to widen its operation, globally. In future, the business plan includes, opening of new offices in foreign countries, acquiring quarries and other assets in India and abroad, dealing different variety of demanding products in the international market. The company and its partners are having faith and confidence in the future expansion plans, which in turn, the company will be listed as an established global leader, in the export market.

The vision and mission of the partners are legal, transparent and specific, so the goals, plans and effort will reach into a status of Global Leader in the Export market.

The Company is in the process of Expanding its Dried Nuts & Dried Fruits in India & Srilanka, and later to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & U.A.E. This year the Company is Launching Mixed Nuts (Roasted & Salted), Choco Nuts (Chocolate with Cashew, Almond, Ground Nuts, Pistachio Kernels), Dates with Nuts & Choconut Dates (Dates Filled with Nuts, Coated with Chocolates).

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